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Tales from the Road...

Real de Catorce: Déjà Vu

Cobblestone streets, horse's hooves and the laughter of children

The Chinati Mountains

Smugglers and Englishmen in the mountains of west Texas

Run to Real De Catorce

A tunnel through time in the mountains of Mexico

Texas to Uruapan

A Mexican Magical Mystery Tour

Steamboat to Flaming Gorge

Dinosaurs and dangerous waitresses

Texas to Tombstone

The smuggler's roads on the Arizona border

Another 4th of July in Terlingua!

Nutty times in Terlingua

The Rockies to Banff

Toto, we ain't in Texas nomo

1st Annual 4th of July in Terlingua

Cowboy dances and parades in paradise

Texas to Montana!

Seven weeks solo in the beauty of America

Texas to Montana! The Return...

Big skies and windswept roads

Two Amigos to Terlingua

Returning to Big Bend after 25 years

A Short, Hot and Happy Memorial Day Ride

Hijinks in the hill country of Texas