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Belstaff Discovery Jacket

Belstaff has a long history of high quality jackets and this one is no different. Easily the best built and designed jacket I've owned. It has so many pockets that I'm really not sure I found them all. Seriously.

The jacket is designed for the English climate - cold and wet - and during winter and rain it was superb. The problem is I live in Texas and the jacket was too warm and bulky for much of the ride time here.

If I lived anywhere but the hot south, this jacket would be a first choice.


• Easily the best designed, built and functioning jacket I've owned.

• Absolutely warm and waterproof with so many pockets I'm not sure I found them all.


None really - however it is a jacket designed for climates wetter and cooler than Texas. I found it to be too warm for use in this region other than in cool or cold weather.