FirstGear Adventure Mesh Jacket - txadventure

I like the design and execution of the jacket other than the shoulder pads, which I immediately replaced with D30 armor. The cut is loose and boxy, which I prefer in hot weather and have found it to be very comfortable and well designed.

My initial thoughts and first impressions can be found here.

After using the jacket for a couple of years or so, I have found it to be good, solid and well made. Overall it is comfortable and well designed, being minimalist compared to cooler weather designs.

As to airflow, the jacket is a tight weave mesh and looks like it will offer protection in a fall. I have found the front pockets to restrict airflow compared to a Joe Rocket Phoenix 3 or 4, both of which I have owned, but historically they flow air better than any hot weather mesh designs.

When the temps hit the mid to high 90's, even this jacket is hot when sitting, but does flow when moving.

The jacket design works well and the rain liner is good and stows in rear pouch, however I purchased a FirstGear rain shell in Hi-Vis yellow to use in bad weather. The shell is designed and tailored to be a perfect fit over the equivalent size jacket and the yellow is great in bad weather.