FirstGear Kathmandu Jacket (2010 Model) - txadventure

After riding in darker colors - mainly black - for years I have come to prefer the lighter colors for riding gear, partially because they are a bit cooler in the warm climates I ride in, but also they offer better visibility in traffic. That said, finding light colored adventure jackets hasn't been easy.

I ran across a new 2010 model of the FirstGear Kathmandu Jacket online for a great price, and having read that FirstGear's products are well built and functional for the price range, gave it a shot.

The jacket has proven to be very comfortable, very well made and thought out. It is reasonably light weight-wise and has more pockets than can be used. Construction is top notch and the fit is perfect on me. It has become my favorite jacket by far.

The Kathmandu is definitely a cooler weather jacket for fall, winter and early spring here in Texas, as when the temps get near 80 you feel the heat. The venting is decent but at that point I switch to my FirstGear Adventure Mesh which works great until you get into the high 90's. From that point on nothing is comfortable...

There is a detachable CamelBak style water pouch on the jacket back, which is a nice touch, but I've read most folks remove it, and I find I don't use it either. Still, it''s a nice touch though I've heard the design pulls the collar against your throat when full.

Overall I am very happy to have bought this jacket.