Joe Rocket Hybrid Helmet - txadventure

I owned Joe Rocket's Hybrid DS Helmet for a brief period in my quest for the "perfect" helmet.

It was purchased during the period I owned the Arai XD3, due to a good price point and because I wasn't entirely happy with the XD3.

Optically, the Hybrid had some distortion but less than the Arai, and was lighter. Construction was acceptable, and the liner wasn't as good, but at 1/3 the price I didn't expect much. Fit was comfortable and the style of the helmet was good.

My first day of riding with the helmet, there were very high winds in the region and they immediately showed the weakness of the design.

At highway speeds, the helmet visor/peak caught wind and continually pulled the helmet up and back. Strong crosswinds would literally turn my head and I was exhausted from fighting the wind with it. The padding was a weaker foam than in the Arai and allowed the helmet to twist. It was an 8 hour day of riding and I felt such relief to finally get home and get the helmet off.

I've been in similar winds with the Arai XD3 as well as my current Nolan X-Lite X-551 and neither have exhibited lift or twist anywhere approaching the Joe Rocket design.

Big thumbs down unless you ride at speeds less than freeway.