Nolan X-Lite X-551 Helmet - txadventure


After a long trip to Mexico with my Arai XD3, I was pretty much done with the design. The inherent flaws were irritating and once almost got me killed when the shield blew partially down into my vision in the setting sun while I was exiting at speed on a rough road. The sun's glare hit the extremely distorted angle of the shield. I couldn't slap the shield up because I had both hands on the bars, and a truck pulled right in front of me. I would accept it as the odd and random incident except that the shield would never hold position no matter how tightly the friction screws were done, and multiple times in the trip I'd had issues with it and the severe shield distortion, as well as the fact the shield in it's highest position still blocked 1/3 of your vision ahead.

Luckily I had an opportunity to try on a new helmet while in Uruapan, the Nolan X-Lite X-551. I really liked it but the dealer didn't have my size in stock and the one I tried was a tradeshow display.

The helmet is unavailable in the U.S., but I ordered one from Europe and have found it to be an outstanding helmet. It's light, reasonably quiet, has an internal sun visor and optically clear and distortion free shield, and the visor works extremely well.

It's venting is not as good as the XD3, but that is the only negative I can think of. I wasn't sure about the internal sun visor, but now that I've used it I don't want to live without one.

Fantastic helmet.