Olympia AST Jacket - txadventure

I owned the original version of the Olympia AST jacket for about one year. I purchased it for the light color to increase visibility and reflect a bit more of the southwest heat.

Olympia traditionally sizes the waist smaller than competitors, and thus I had to buy a size or two larger to fit my waist size. This left excessive bulk and bagginess in the arms and shoulders, which caught a lot of air and created much more drag. The shoulders would pull the collar back against my throat and after hours of riding increased my fatigue levels noticeably. I have met several riders who have complained of the disproportionate waist sizes, including those of thin build. Overall I liked the jacket and found it to be very well made, but in my case Olympia's weird sizing finally got the best of me.

As of this writing, Olympia has redesigned the jacket as the AST II.

• Excellent construction
• Good looks
• High quality materials
• Reasonable venting
• Good rain protection

• Olympia's  sizing
• Arm length vents were a good idea but in practice the velcro was difficult to deal with