Teknic Freeway Jacket - txadventure


Teknic Freeway Jacket - 1st Generation

Purchased  on closeout, and I've found it to be a great jacket and one of my favorites. The design is sleeker and has less drag than my other jackets, and is slightly shorter than a 3/4 length. It is really a fall/winter/early spring jacket in Texas, and too warm for anything approaching 80º. Waterproof and has a good cold weather liner. I've used it for several years and it still is a favorite.


• Well constructed but not at the level of Belstaff

• Armor is comfortable and looks decent but not the best

• Trim, minimalist exterior that minimizes drag, yet is not too tight

• Quilted reflective mylar liner is very warm in cold weather

• Plenty of pockets but not so many you lose things.


• Venting and zippers work fairly well, but not enough for warm/hot weather

• Collar stitching can get irritating after several hours

A great jacket for my style riding but only useful in cool and cold weather.